Postgraduate gastroenterology training

2008-2011      Scholar of the Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology .

2008-2009      Clinical Research Fellow, Clinical Enteric Neuroscience Translational and Epidemiological Research, Division of Gastroenterology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, USA, Prof. Dr. Michael Camilleri .

  • Motility clinic (supervised)
  • Anorectal & colon manometry, colon barostat, satiation test, gastric emptying & GI transit scans, gastric accommodation-SPECT
  • Fellow co-investigator: clinical trials in constipation & IBS, GI motility-peptides & obesity, (genetic association, medical-nutritional modification)
  • Publications, congress presentations


2010-2011      Clinical Motility Research Fellow, Translational Research Center for Gastrointestinal Diseases (TARGID), University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium, Prof. Dr. Jan Tack.

  • Motility Lab: high resolution esophageal/ anorectal/ gastroduodenal manometry (HRM, HRAM), postprandial impedance-manometry, 24hr ambulatory pH-impedance monitoring, 24hr BILITEC, Bernstein & Tensilon tests, gastric -colon barostat, endogastric infusion satiation test
  • Fellow co-investigator: clinical trials in pharyngeal dysphagia, ineffective esophageal motility, functional dyspepsia with prolonged gastric emptying, IBS
  • Publications, congress presentations