διορθικό υπερηχογράφημαThis is a detailed ultrasound of the muscles that help maintain your bowel continence, and of the surrounding soft tissues. The muscles tested are the levator sling (the pelvic muscles that you can squeeze voluntarily), the internal anal sphincter (which maintains the basic tone of the rectum and anal canal), and the external anal sphincter (which is the outer most muscle at the opening of the anus). Examination is limited to the distal 5 cm of the rectum and the anus, is completely painless and lasts 10 minutes.



διορθικό υπερηχογράφημαNo special diet or preparation is required. It would be helpful and more comfortable for you if you could pass urine and have your bowels opened before attending for your scan.



After the test you may continue with your normal activities.

You will get the results within 24 hrs. As these may be part of a workup for surgery or may define the cause of your symptoms, you will have time for a detailed discussion with your doctor.